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  Salter Street made a series of Lexx mini-documentaries for, in 5 parts, each highlighting a specific Lexx character:



Here are links to download all 5 parts:

Part 1:     Part 2:     Part 3:     Part 4:     Part 5:  



Making of Lexx: Season 1, 1996:

Rare 2 part MOL shown on the UK Pal tapes


Part 1:     Part 2:



Making of Lexx: Season 2

Making of Lexx documentary for Season 2 in 3 parts.


Part 1:     Part 2:     Part 3:



Making of Lexx Season 3: Complete

















You can watch the videos marked with the Cryopod Icon on a separate page, click on the icon for the link:


     Brigadoom int. 1.50mg     Season 2 Kai int. 1.47mg               Michael Interview S4 filming  21.1mg


  Star TV inteview 1  7.52       Star TV Interview 2  6.57mg       Star TV Interview 3  6.92mg       Star TV Interview 4  7.04mg

This interview is broken up into 4 parts, and is the best quality of the versions out there, but you can see the entire thing complete on this file:

Star TV Complete  1.87mg

The quality is not as good, but it's not broken up.



Again, to view the clips, follow the ICON link to a separate page, to download the clip, right click on the file name, and 'save as'.




Megacon Lexx convention: 


The following files are not available for download, due to copyright issues, but we have made them available

for viewing at Follow the links:


Megacon Interview, Orlando, Florida, 2007


Megacon Lexx Panel discussions: in 4 parts:

Part 1:     Part 2:     Part 3:     Part 4:


Megacon Lexx Cast Table Signing: