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Info on the new play Michael is performing in, Macbeth, at the Caravan Farm Theater in

Armstrong, British Columbia. Follow this   LINK   for the page, click on the above pic for a larger version. 






                     This is a picture                                                   Michael as 'Boyet' in                                              Crimson Veil,                      Great poster for 'Fool for Love'                        Macbeth, Caravan           

                     of the Grand Theater, in London,                        'Loves Labour Lost'.                                      Alan Cole's great play              a Kingtson Festival performance                             Theater          

                    Ontario, the McManus Studio                                                                                                      Michael plays Bruno's                      at the Grand Theater      

                   Theater, opened in 1978, was                                                                                                   father,(bearded man in                  

                   named for Michael's great uncle                                                                                            pic) to a packed house at the

                  who was a patron of the Arts.                                                                                                  Tarragon Theater.(Tor)





                  ASHES performed at                                  Michael as Claude                                             'Three Days of Rain'                                       'Whale Riding Weather',                      Michael as Tom in 'The  

                 at the Grand Theater                              in REAL WORLD at the Tron                                     Michael plays the                                         Script, lists Michael as                       Glass Menagerie' at the 

                 WARNING VERY GRAPHIC                         Theater, Glasgow                                             architecht and his son.                                   part of 'Auto', this pic                            Tarragon Theater   

                 PHOTOS                                                                                                                                     Canadian Stage. .                                  is of the lead. Grand  Theater.



CARNAVAL, at the Nakai Theater, May 2007                                                   Bluebeard's Wife                All Our Happy Days Are Stupid                                              

              Michael plays the part of a militant revolutionary, Ernesto                 Caravan Farm Theater, Oct 28-31, 2008                                           Videofag, Toronto, Oct-Nov 2013                                                        

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AGE OF LEAD                      COMMEDIA DEL'ARTE                           HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO AN ACTOR

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               Promo head shot of Michael                    Early promo black                            Early promo shot                 Promo shot for "Fool for Love'                  Bigger version of for                          

                 from ETM Management, his old                andwhite head shot.                    for 'Three Days of Rain'                                                                                     head shot.                                     Promo Head Shot

                      management company. 



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                   CV Page                     Page               Review Page              Review and Info      Reviews and photos            Review







Coming from a family with many illustrious actors, Michael has upheld a

vocation of artistic expression.  His maternal Aunt, Helen Shaver, and maternal

cousin, Lally Cadeau, are well-known actors in both theater and television, and 

often lend their voices to many films for dubbing purposes. 

There is also a great uncle who was in the Canadian theater in the eatly 1900's,

and the Grand Theater has a 'McManus Studio Theater' for smaller 

productions, which was named for Michael's great uncle, who was an 

industrialist and  patron of the arts in Toronto.


Helen Shaver, best known for Scifi TV show 'Poltergeist the Legacy' has done

many films and television in both Canada and the US, and is now an important show writer in Los Angeles.



Lally Cadeau, well-known Canadian Theater actress, is best known for the

many Stratford  Shakespeare festivals in which she participates. 




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