Made in 1989, this was another breakthrough film for famed director Atom Egoyan.

Michael McManus plays the part of Lance, a part-time housekeeper and male escort in

a seedy but popular hotel frequented by film industry types. His ambition to become an

actor with speaking roles instead of his usual 'extra' scenes, prompts him to spy on a

female guest who is writing the screenplay to her own book, and he decides to become

embroiled in a seduction with disastrous consequences. Lisa, another housekeeper at

the same hotel, has an obsession for Lance and she also has to deal with emotional and

psychological issues in the film. Long hailed as a diatribe against the media industry and

the effect that television and film have on society, the DVD even offers a narration

on scenes by Egoyan himself.

Michael was nominated for Best Actor award in the Canadian 1990 Genie film awards category.



Here are some articles and some hard-to-find pictures from media on the film.

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Rare controversial deleted scene from film available on the DVD. 

Atom Egoyan narrates the philosophy behind the scene and the uproar it created with several censor agencies.






Best Picture (nom) - - 1990 Genie Award Best Actor (nom) - Michael McManus - 1990 Genie Award Best Actress (nom) - Gabrielle Rose - 1990 Genie Award Best Director (nom) - Atom Egoyan - 1990 Genie Award Best Score (nom) - Mychael Danna - 1990 Genie Award Best Original Screenplay (nom) - Atom Egoyan - 1990 Genie Award

Speaking Parts

1989-Canada-Psychological Drama/Ensemble Film

PLOT DESCRIPTION"In my films, you're always encouraged to remember that you're watching a collection of designed images." Thus spake Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan in describing his calculatedly non-realistic style. In keeping with his earlier works, Egoyan's Speaking Parts though grounded in reality, could never be confused with the facts of life.plays a near-somnambulistic maid who carries a torch for aspiring actor Michael McManus She obsesses on McManus by renting tapes of the films in which he's appeared as a non-speaking extra. As McManus ignores Khanjian while wooing would-be filmmaker Gabrielle Rose (he wants to star in a film based on Rose's life-saving organ donation), Khanjian develops a sort of rapport with video store manager Tony Nardi who also harbors dreams of becoming a filmmaker. The most curious (and, to some, maddening) aspect of Speaking Parts is that all the characters physically resemble one another. What this has to do with Egoyan's "message"--if any--is unclear, but it sure works towards the director's goal of assuring that the viewers are constantly aware that they're watching a movie and not Real Life. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Type: Features
Distributor: Cinephile

Rating: NR
Running Time: 92 Minutes