We've collected various Lexx music files to listen to while browsing the page, just click on the title

of the song to either listen or right click to download the file. Most files should play with Real Player or Windows Media programs. ENJOY!



                                  1. Tiny Terrorist Brunnen G Mix

                                  2. Kai's Piano version of Yo Way Yo

                                  3. Fantasy Dance Instrumental

                                  4. Prince to Lexx theme

                                  5. Lexx Escape theme

                                  6. All he Wants is Sex mix

                                  7. Prisoner Transport theme

                                  8. Fantasy Dance with dialog

                                  9. End Party Brunnen G mix

                                10. Kai Techno

                                11. Cluster Anthem

                                12. Season 4 Blooper audio version

                                13. Kai/Prince theme (Gondola)

                                14. Two Hearts Theme from Brigadoom

                                15. Kai Band version of Yo Way Yo

                                16. Friend in Need -Placebo(S4 Wrap reel)

                                17. Lexx Mixx

                                18. Wild Wild Lexx

                                20. Lexx Mix 424

                                21. Lexx Mix 791

                                22. Lexx Mix B3K Luv

                                23. Lexx Mix S0S 

                                24. Midoilexxecution

                                25. Lexx Theme Remix

                                26. Angel-Massive Attack-Theme song from

                                'Alle Lieben Ihre Kinder'

                                27. Yo-Way-Yo-The Rock band 

                                                                                                    28. Metallica-Enter Sandman (S4 wrap reel video)

                                                                                                    29. Shadows and Prophets, end theme

                                                                                                    30. Midsummer Nightmare Tree Song





Some of these music files are from the Lexx soundtracks, some are from Pet's Remix site,  and one track from Midori. 


If anyone would like credit for their track, please contact me at:

 maya   at   michael_mcmanus_site@yahoo.com