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The following sections are set up for the different categories of pictures for this gallery.

We've uploaded pictures from TV, Film, and personal appearances for your viewing. These pics are the  copyrights of the original holders. 

Follow the links to the pages for each section. Since there are so many vidcaps for each show or episode, we'll be having them listed as Zip files for download 

purposes. Each file may contain anywhere from 100-200 pics.

These sections will also be accessible through the BIO Page.

For Press pictures, visit the PRESS section, and the Theater pics are on the THEATER Page..






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                                         SPEAKING PARTS                          DOG PARK                                   HARD TO FORGET



                                             PAINT CANS                          FAMILY PICTURES                      ALLE LIEBEN IHRE KINDER

                                                                                                                                             (Everyone Loves Their Children) 






                        SECRET ADVENTURES OF                        KING LEAR                    FOREVER KNIGHT                            LEXX

                                JULES VERNE



                                                                                   INTERVIEW SECTION:                                          

                                          Click on the file name  to take you either to the page or the file for downloads.                          



               Brigadoom Interview                 Lexx Season 4 Blooper Reel                   Del Interview                          Making of Lexx S3



                                 Season 4 Lexx DVD                           Scifi Focus Interview                         Star TV Interview