Anybody? No? Let me try and convince you. This immense insect-fighter ship is the Lexx. Oh, and your crew-mate will be Xev (formerly Zev), now played by German actress, Xenia Seeberg, ... hey! stand back there - one at a time, please!

Lexx is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. Grown on the Cluster which is ruled by His Shadow, the purpose of the Lexx is to blow up planets for Stanley Tweedle. Tweedle gets injured and passes the key for Lexx to Zev. When threatened with having the key taken from her, Zev allows herself to be broken down into protein and, when reoonstituted, has a new face, that of Miss Seeberg, and a new spelling of her name. Confused? Thought you would be, which is why we have enlisted the help of this stunning actress, and new star of Lexx: the series, to answer all your questions.

Minus the trademark wig, Xenia Seeberg remembers her first viewing of Lexx,

"I got the chance to see two of the movies - the first one, and then the third," she recalls. "Then I made my mind up about it, had to give the Canadian producer my opinion and, well, told him what I thought of it!" Although that may sound ominous, Xenia was thinking of ways to improve the show, with the accent on comedy. "I thought the original movies were too long, too much in one go, and that a condensed version would be easier to digest, and funnier. You can only transport a limited amount of 'sense of humor' and there's only so much you can really fit into one show".

Although the first series of Lexx was seen in only certain countries, the reaction had filtered back to the producers and writers, giving them an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the show. One of the most appealing aspects of the show for Seeberg was the comedy.

"You know, I like science fiction, but what I really like is Monty Python! When I saw the movies, I thought that this style was what they were going for, at least with the humor and that's why I said I wanted to be part of it! I wasn't so bothered about the science fiction element although it is fun to do, but it was unlike anything I'd ever done before."

Lexx, the show is a volatile brew of SF, comedy, satire and (let's not mince words) soft-porn. Realizing that putting them all into the mix in every episode would be a little overpowering, the new season focuses one or two aspects per story. Xenia's second story, Lafftrak, sees the crew forced to entertain warring planets on pain of death. This could prove to be one of Xenia's favorites.

"We arrive at a place where two planets are at war over TV ratings and, rather than fight, they attempt to attack each other with television. There comes a point where one planet accuses the other of fixing the ratings and decides to destroy them. We are each forced to entertain the viewers and whoever loses goes on a special show - where they are decapitated!"

The satire will not be lost on anyone who has sat through daytime Television. Seeberg agrees with the parallel, and hopes that it will give the new season of Lexx a sharp edge.

"I think you can see this  kind of thing happening in Television, and Lexx is the right style of show to get away with it thanks to the comedy."

HEN I ASK XENIA if it has been difficult taking over from Zev Mk 1 (played by Eva Habermann), she acknowledges that such problems are inherent in these situations.

"You are always worried when you take over a part that someone else has been doing, but the way of dealing with that is to make it a new character. The producers thought that Zev should look completely different, wear a different outfit, and we had to create a good reason for her returning. We didn't want her walking out of the door and just coming back in as the new Xev, as we know they do in other series! I wanted to explore the character a little more and find a new direction for her."

One small but perfectly formed addition to the show is Xev's red wig - a godsend according to Seeberg.

"Much as I like the admiration of the fans, I can take off my wig and not be recognied!" has she had a lot of attention already? God, yes! It's great to talk to people who like your work, but it's wonderful to keep my private life!"

Does Xenia believe that the adult theme of the show might stop it reaching a wider audience?

"Well, actually the new series is made for prime time TV so it's a little less 'adult' than it was but, in our own way, it's still erm...!" She finishes the sentence with a knowing laugh, "But we haven't taken anything away from it - except full nudity! It's still sexy even if you don't see anything!"

It has to be one of the only shows that, according to Xenia has sexy sets. How is that list of volunteers coming on?

As with any science-fiction show, 'techno-babble' finds its way into the scripts of Lexx. Some actors find it a terrible problem but Seeberg actually seems to enjoy the challenge.

"It's very good with our show because we think a lot about the writing. You know, it probably looks completely nuts if you read it on the page, but a lot of the time there is a logic to the gobbledygook! In the first episode I get created by the Lyekka plant from the protein of the original Zev, and part of the protein of an astronaut that Lyekka eats! I think it sounds great!" I smile and pretend that I understand it fully.

With a short vacation ahead of her followed by dubbing her voice for the German TV version, Seeberg is eagerly awaiting the reaction to the new season.

"I've really enjoyed doing it a lot! I just can't wait to see how it looks."