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                                                 DVD INTERVIEW                         SEASON 4 BLOOPER                        KAI-SQUISH INTERVIEW                            WATCH LEXX                       PODCAST TRANSCRIPT

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                FROM SCIFI TALK INT.  









 I WORSHIP HIS SHADOW                            EATING PATTERN                               SUPERNOVA                                       GIGASHADOW




        SEASON TWO



               MANTRID                                        TERMINAL                                               LYEKKA                                            LUVLINER



                 LAFFTRACK                                        STAN'S TRIAL                                      LOVE GROWS                                     WHITE TRASH



            791                                                     WAKE THE DEAD                                      NOOK                                                 NORB



                     TWILIGHT                                   PATCHES IN THE SKY                                     WOZ                                          THE NET-WEB



                  BRIGADOOM                                            B RIZON                                        END OF THE UNIVERSE




                                                                                                                                    SEASON THREE



             FIRE & WATER            MAY                    GAMETOWN                  BOOMTOWN            GONDOLA                   K-TOWN                TUNNELS



                     THE KEY                  GARDEN                     BATTLE                          GIRLTOWN                           THE BEACH                 HEAVEN AND HELL



                                                                                                                                  SEASON FOUR



                                              LITTLE BLUE PLANET            TEXX LEXX                     P4X                       STAN DOWN                   XEVIVOR              THE ROCK                       WALPURGIS NIGHT



            VLAD                    FLUFFDADDY              MAGIC BABY                Midsummer Nightmare     BAD CARROT                    769                     PRIME RIDGE



            MORT                       MOSS                               DUTCH TREAT               THE GAME         HALEYS COMET         APOCOLEXX NOW           VIVA LEXX VEGAS


                                    MOST FILES ARE ZIPPED.

                                                                                  TRIP                              LYEKKA VS. JAPAN           YO WAY YO                             UTILITIES     







  AGE OF LEAD               KAI PIANO SET                      BRIGADOOM                               VARIOUS SONGS:                   KAI COMPUTER 

 RADIO PLAY                 WITH IRISH BAND                       MUSIC                                   TREE SONG, FANTASY                  SOUNDS

                                                                                                    DANCE, YO WAY YO