Megacon 2007



Michael McManus Interview Pictures



This interview took place on Sunday Feb. 18, 2007 at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando Florida.

The setting was the loading dock, a great minimalist backdrop , which I think suited the subject quite well. The noise

was somewhat of a problem but we managed with the help of some good microphones. Thanks to Veyron for

doing backup video and audio and for giving me good advice on camera settings. Michael blocked the shots himself and

gave us good feedback on how to set up the camera and how to maximize his lighting.  Thanks to Michael for being such a good

sport in spite of the fact he almost fainted when he saw the 4 pages of notes I had for the interview.


This interview was meant to be done at Timeless Destinations in Vancouver in 2006, which would have had more time and a better

setting but unfortunately technical and personal issues with those filming kept this interview off the internet for the fans to see.

Thanks to Angel for having to do the little part of the interview in 2006 for which she got NO credit whatsoever.


Hopefully everyone enjoyed seeing it more or less complete this time around.  There were NO Lexx questions this time

because the Lexx panel answered most of them and I felt more background and personal experiences would make better subject matter.

I had a blast doing this interview in spite of the fact that I'd had  no sleep for 4 days and was running pretty much on pure adrenaline

at that point, so when you watch the video over at Grouper, you'll have to forgive the stumbling I did over some of the conversation.

These pictures are the copyright of mayaxiong and not for upload anyplace else without permission. Linking or downloading

for personal purposes is fine. 
















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