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The following pictures are from Saturday at the cast signing tables and from the Lexx panel. We apologize for the quality of the pics in the

Panel room but the lighting was purgatorial and no one got any decent shots. We do have video coming of the panel which looks

tremendously better. Thanks for your patience.

Reminder, these pics are the copyrighted material of the persons on the watermarks and you may download as much as you like, but

please respect the authors and don't upload anyplace else without permission. Thanks.

Kudos to Angel, Cheshire and Catcharm for their pics.


To watch video of the table signing, follow this link.





These pics are from Michael looking at the Fluffdaddy Kai doll prop brought by Periodot Eyes.








(we'll have more of this and a video that is much better quality very soon)


More cast panel pics on Page 5.    




The above pic of Brian was taken on Sunday night as we said our goodbyes, Brian got a nice pressie for the long trip home.


More pics coming soon from the vidcaps of the Lexx cast signings and Interview !