Making of Lexx Season 3 documentary

pictures from video provided by Gerold Schmidt






                           Brian in 'The Key' apparatus                             'The Key' stimulator                               Brian serving sentence                                       Jailbirds




                     Patty Zentilli as Bunny in Gametown              Patty Z closeup smile                             Ralph Brown as Duke in S3                             Ralph Brown with arrow




                   Gametown archers wait for signal             Gametown archers firing arrows                 Gametown sports participants               Jeff Pustil and Michael look at moth






                                                    Patty Z , carrot and mothbreeder             Gondola wreck with Patty and Michael          Live Kai stand-in and Xenia




             Gondola crew with Brian, Michael and Patty doing a green screen shot of Gondola                                        Nigel Bennett and Xenia in balloon




                                                  Michael and Xenia after Gondola crash                 Green screen shot with Jeff, Brian and Michael for Gondola




                                                                    Green screen shots with Michael and Xenia for Gondola                          Green screen falling shot for May




Notorious 'Frankenstein Reveal' scene from K-Town with prosthetics









                                                  Michael in earthen grave for Garden                                                                                    Falling scene for May






Michael in 'Petty Bureaucrats' scene from Tunnels








                        Bridge shot of the Lexx                                                               Michael and crew dancing





                  Patty, Katherine, Michael and crew                           S4 wigs on shelf                       Nigel Bennett as Prince in May                     Nigel getting makeup touch up




                     Nigel and balloonist in Fire & Water                                              Ellen Dubin as Queen in Girltown



Soaking apparatus in Girltown, used by the Queen




Xenia and Rolf Kanies in Battle





                                                                          lunch break                            Closeup of Xenia's bellybutton tattoo              Xenia and 790 waiting for cue




Xenia on balloon during Battle



                                                        Xenia and Nigel Bennett on baloon                 Xenia and crew member                    Xenia during Battle balloon fight






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